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Intergenerational Mentoring Network offers 1st year undergraduate students in the School of Education at the University of Strathclyde an opportunity to complete their 70 hour Community Placements.

Please ensure you complete the following steps:

1.) Contact Alastair Wilson at with an initial expression of interest.

2) Following an initial meeting with Alastair you will be asked to apply via our website. Please also complete your profile and add a photo.

3) Familiarise yourself with training materials contained in the library section of the website.

4) Please let us know your availability (a weekly timeslot) and arrange an initial meeting at the primary school with Andrea Linn, our volunteer coordinator. Andrea will provide you with a practical orientation to your placement and will be able to introduce you to pupils and other volunteer mentors.

5) Please provide an update of each visit to the school via the ‘mentor area’ on the website. This will allow you to develop a record of your sessions and let the project team know how you’re getting on and allow us to give any further specific support.

6) Please send Andrea any documentation you need completed.