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Can you help a child or young person?

09 Oct 2018

Our project currently needs to recruit volunteer adult mentors. We are looking for volunteers who can commit to weekly or fortnightly meetings to support a young person.

In the news: Universities lower entry bar for deprived-area students

19 Feb 2019

The exam results needed for a place on some of Scotland’s most prestigious university courses are to be lowered for those from disadvantaged areas.
Applicants from some backgrounds may get into Edinburgh University with lower grades under new entry standards.
But getting the minimum grades will not guarantee a place, only take students over the threshold to be considered.
Applications would be considered based on a “range of factors” as well as grades earned, the university said.

BBC Alba features a story from the Intergenerational Mentoring Network

29 Oct 2018

A fantastic programme documenting how older and younger generations are bridging the societal gaps of modern living is on tonight. Tune into BBC ALBA at 9pm to see Hassan and Jim from the Intergenerational Mentoring Network discuss the benefits of working together across generations. Available to view on iplayer.  

Research based evidence and how to spend Scottish Attainment Challenge or Pupil Equity Funding

09 Oct 2018

Scottish schools that are currently in receipt of funding from the Scottish Attainment Challenge or Pupil Equity Funding are in the position of trying to source interventions ‘…targeted at closing the poverty related attainment gap’. The National Operational Guidance 2018 provides information for schools on how to source appropriate interventions and in the ‘Scottish Attainment Challenge: Learning & Teaching Toolkit’ provides specific advice on the effectiveness and cost of 34 different interventions. However as schools seek to engage with different new projects and providers how reliable is this research informed advice?

Developing new mentoring projects

06 Oct 2018

We are currently expanding our project and supporting new mentoring initiatives throughout the UK.

Mentoring from a Headteacher’s Point of View

05 Oct 2018

Liz Ervine, Former headteacher of Springburn Academy, talks about the impact of mentoring, how schools and headteachers can support the mentoring process, and what it is like being a mentor now that she has retired.

New research shows that volunteering can help keep older adults’ minds sharp

06 Nov 2017

An interesting article on the benefits of mentoring and potential impact on cognitive functioning…

Katie Hunter wins award for her research

06 Oct 2017

Katie’s research and development work with the project has been vital since the project started in Springburn Academy. She has won the Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences Impact Knowledge Exchange Competition 2017. The award recognises the ways in which Katie’s research has helped shape the development of our project and impacted on the the […]

Help a child learn to read – new opportunities for mentoring

02 Oct 2017

An exciting development of our mentoring work is to now support younger children in primary school. In particular we are developing a new project with Knightswood Primary School which will involve recruiting mentors to support children learning to read.


Jamie’s Journey into Accountancy

28 Jun 2017

Over the years, the project team has kept in touch with former pupils and found that some of the young people are facing a fresh set of challenges when it comes to making the leap between university and employment within their chosen profession.  In this article we speak to Jamie about applying for jobs in accountancy and networking with mentors from IMN.

Architects of their own future: Supporting young people in their knowledge of the professions.

06 Jun 2017

The knowledge, interests and connections of mentors are valuable sources of insight and opportunities. In this article, we speak to Felicity Parsons, who has been introducing her mentee to the field of architecture.

New mentoring project starting in Fife

06 Jun 2017

We are delighted to be developing a new project with Auchmuty High School in Glenrothes, Fife.