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We develop and support one-to-one mentoring to improve outcomes for children and young people as they progress through the education system. We draw on the knowledge, experience and networks of older adults and retirees who have the time, knowledge, experience and networks to help children and young people.

Our projects:
Support young people from working-class and poor backgrounds to access university
Help young children with reading and writing
Develop community based work to facilitate engagement in education

To date our work has focused on supporting communities where there are challenges in terms of pupil attainment and progression into and through higher education. To help address these difficulties we have led the development of mentoring programmes in secondary schools supporting young people seeking to enter higher education. Another strand of our work focuses on nurturing literacy development in primary schools. We have also led and piloted mentoring for children and young people who are care experienced.

The Intergenerational Mentoring Network connects people and facilitates the exchange ideas, skills and knowledge for the benefit of children and young people. Our work is research informed and shaped by ongoing evaluation and development. We help develop new projects and offer consultancy to all sectors on the development of new mentoring projects in education and other fields.