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Look at the stories below to see how mentoring has worked for children, young people and mentors.
Research within IMN recognises that establishing intergenerational relationships can enhance both the lives of young people and mentors. Find out more about mentoring as an intervention, how it works, and what our young people and mentors have to say. Our form of mentoring has grown from research and development work with Strathclyde University and over the previous 9 years has supported 800 young people in planning and realising their ambitions.



From Mentoring Relationship to Friendship

Over the years many of the young people have stayed in touch with their mentors as they progress beyond school. Read about Emma and Gordon’s experience. Emma I believe that my mentoring experience has shaped who I am today. I am the first person in family to attend university which meant I had nobody to […]

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Research based evidence and how to spend Scottish Attainment Challenge or Pupil Equity Funding

Scottish schools that are currently in receipt of funding from the Scottish Attainment Challenge or Pupil Equity Funding are in the position of trying to source interventions ‘…targeted at closing the poverty related attainment gap’. The National Operational Guidance 2018 provides information for schools on how to source appropriate interventions and in the ‘Scottish Attainment […]

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Architects of their own future: Supporting young people in their knowledge of the professions.

The knowledge, interests and connections of mentors are valuable sources of insight and opportunities. In this article, we speak to Felicity Parsons, who has been introducing her mentee to the field of architecture.

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Mentoring from a Headteacher’s Point of View

Liz Ervine, Former headteacher of Springburn Academy, talks about the impact of mentoring, how schools and headteachers can support the mentoring process, and what it is like being a mentor now that she has retired.

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Practice Makes Perfect: Admission Interview Simulation Experience

The path into medicine is not an easy one.  Students must obtain the highest grades, pass the UKCAT exam, and go through a gauntlet of admissions interviews.  While potential candidates for medicine study hard to get straight A’s, being ‘book smart’ won’t necessarily prepare them for the skills required for the admissions interviews that are […]

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Jamie’s Journey into Accountancy

Over the years, the project team has kept in touch with former pupils and found that some of the young people are facing a fresh set of challenges when it comes to making the leap between university and employment within their chosen profession.  In this article we speak to Jamie about applying for jobs in accountancy and networking with mentors from IMN.

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The Scottish Education System from a ‘disadvantaged’ perspective

Jordan Campbell, former Springburn Academy pupil, describes his experience of having a mentor and reflects on the Scottish Government’s proposed investment to reduce the attainment gap.

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Why does intergenerational mentoring hold promise?

A summary of the key dimensions of intergenerational mentoring relationships that support access to higher education and add value in the current educational landscape.

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