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Intergenerational Mentoring Network (IMN)
Briefing for mentors
Strathclyde Engineering Academy

What is the Academy?
The Engineering Academy is a programme that offers an alternative route into studying engineering at the University of Strathclyde (Strathclyde has several engineering courses ranked in the UK top 10 see ). (A similar scheme operates in Edinburgh which we will brief on later).

How does it work?
The first year is an enhanced HNC programme taught at a number of colleges. Successful completion of this first year leads directly into second year of the different strands of Engineering at the University (with the exception of Biomedical Engineering where students start in 1st year). This means that the overall length of the course is the same as for all other students. There is just a different first year taught at College. Students joining the Academy are full University of Strathclyde students as soon they enter the Academy in first year.

What are the entrance requirements?
The Academy has a specific focus on widening participation and for this reason there is a lower overall tariff for entry:
• Standard entry has a min requirement of 4 Bs at Highers two of which must include Maths and Physics
• Contextualised entry (this recognises social situation and that pupils come from areas/schools where progression to higher education is low – will apply to most of our IMN schools) operates a grade reduction on the 4Bs and this means entry can be potentially gained with 2 Bs and 2 Cs at Higher (with Maths/Physics as above).
Entrance to the Academy is competitive with approximately 100 places offered each year but with the widening participation focus it is a good option for pupils to consider.

Pupils will apply to the Academy using one of their UCAS choices. This will then prompt the Academy to get in touch with pupils and seek their preference for which strand of engineering they are interested in (mechanical, electrical etc). As with other applications they will then be made an offer (or not) based on their UCAS information.

The UCAS personal statement is very important and likely to be read carefully (not case with all courses). It is important that the statement shows a positive picture of the pupil (see examples on the website of addressing this issue and how to help prepare a statement). In brief activities in and outside of school are important for showing different qualities etc– part-time jobs, clubs, any team sports etc. Remember too to take count of pupils caring roles etc as many will look after siblings and occasionally parents.

Funding for the Academy is the same as for other university courses. The only difference is that in first year SAAS funding is applied for via the participating college. Access to loans and bursaries remains the same as for other students. The Academy also has close links to industry which is another potential source of individual funding.

Any questions?
Contact us via the MIG email or liaise with your pupil and contact the Academy directly: Mrs Joanna Taylor, Faculty Officer (Engagement and Outreach)
+44 (0) 141 548 4270